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✍️Writing Wednesday: Adapt!

Focus on your goals. Adapt to circumstances beyond your control. Take pleasure in your work.

All is not lost! 

After ranting a bit yesterday about how my idea for a cozy mystery series ran into the cold, harsh reality that someone beat me to it, I spent the rest of the day researching the market. By the time I was done, I’d come to the conclusion that I am probably not a cozy mystery writer anyway, and maybe I should take my idea and turn it into a chick lit series! 

As far as I can tell, this has not been done yet. Most chick lit series (and romance series) focus in on a certain place–a seaside village, a city neighborhood, a college town. I love creating places like that, dreaming up a bunch of characters, and watching them interact. This would be a little different. The stories would be set in the world of an organization rather than a specific town. 

Now, here is where I get a little scared because if I love creating towns, why would I instead create an organization? Well, because of my topic. Which is…

Dog shows! 

See, lately I’ve been fascinated with watching the reruns of the National Dog Show. When you do that, you begin to see the same dogs competing. You get to know them a little bit. It’s sort of like following celebrities without the human drama, except, of course, you know there must be human drama behind the scenes, right? That’s why I thought it would be perfect for murder mysteries. All that competition. All those personalities. All those sharp scissors and strangulating leashes. C’est parfait! 

However, like I said, I’m not much of a cozy mystery writer. My mysteries end up being more akin to romantic chick lit suspense. I don’t necessarily want to solve a murder puzzle. I want to my heroine to be dealing with some drama while simultaneously figuring out her life. Can I make this work? 

I think so. I can create a kennel club in a certain location filled with aspiring owners, breeders, and handlers, all with their own hopes and dreams and pampered pooches. They can be at home, and they can be on the road at dog shows. In their campers. Which means I can spend some time creating “tiny homes” as well.

Trying not to get too excited here, but you know when a new idea hits it’s like a shot of adrenaline to the ol’ brain.  

I do have a problem though–too many projects. I need to finish ROSALIE PORTER. DISGUISED is going into the Wattpad Paid Stories Program. I have two finished romance manuscripts begging me for a rewrite. I’ll most likely post them to Wattpad, as well. In fact, I’m feeling that I’m just going to continue to make Wattpad my writerly home for the time being. 

Anyway, there ya’ go. Dilemma solved. I can write about dogs and dog shows without having to kill anyone. Instead I can write about women following their dreams and falling in love and figuring stuff out. 

So what have I learned from this experience? I’ve learned that one way to create a good life in crazy times is to adapt to circumstances beyond my control. Sure. Take a minute/hour/day to wallow in regrets and disappointments, but then we turn on those creative brains of ours to find a new idea, workaround, twist, or angle. 


How about you? Have you ever encountered what seemed to be a dead end but then figured out how to work it to your advantage? Drop me a comment. I comment back!

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  1. If you haven’t yet watched ‘Best in Show’ it’s time now! An off the wall, and quirky mockumentary.

    Hope this story world you’re creating materializes – it could be quite hilarious, too, I imagine.

    1. I think I might have seen it, Debbie, awhile ago. I’m getting flashes of visuals. Good call! I will watch it again.

  2. Great idea! And you can always had a little mystery to one of y our characters if you want to dabble. Maybe one of them is a closet Nancy Drew or Jessica Fletcher fan! I would read this series!!!

    1. Right! That’s what I was thinking. I can have a mystery if I want, but I wouldn’t be required.

  3. Perfect! So many possibilities.

    1. Now it remains to be seen if I can maintain my enthusiasm for this idea. It’s going into the “composting” phase where it sits in my head and sort of stews for awhile.

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