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🌴 Mindful Monday, June 22, 2020

🌴 Mindful Monday, June 22, 2020

“On Both Sides of the Divide.” This week I’m contemplating the solstice and goals at the midpoint of the year. Photo by Shelley Burbank

Happy Mindful Monday, my friends. 

Today I am thinking about the summer solstice, how it is a midpoint, an apex of sorts, the lightest time of the year. 

Chasing this thought is another about how we are constantly in flux. To expect stability is to pursue an impossible dream. 

The observation of time’s passage, the order of the universe, the path of the stars and planets, the hours of daylight, and the seasons have long influenced humanity’s religions. I’m even wondering if in “pre-religion” times it influenced the very way our human minds developed. This is an awesome (as in big and humbling and exciting) thought. 

I am often inspired by the patterns of nature and the earth. Rather than finding comfort in the invisible, I find a sense of belonging in the tangible and corporal. If I have any religion, it is this vague paganism. My first spiritual memory from childhood is of lying in the grass and watching the wind move in some oak or maple leaves. I felt something…powerful and uplifting and connected. I fancied if I concentrated hard enough, I could make that wind blow. 

Of course, I know now I can’t make the wind blow any more than I can make blade of grass bend just by wishing it. What I do understand is that by turning my attention to something within my power to change, I can make things happen. I do believe in the power of intention–how putting a goal into my mind sometimes subconsciously nudges my decisions in the direction of that goal. The trick is knowing when it is appropriate to do so. Sometimes I make mistakes. 

Because I’m human. 

Just as I type these sentences, a song begins to play on the Pandora station I’ve chosen (Indigo Girls Radio station). It happens to be Christina Perri’s soulful “Human.” Talk about chills. Sometimes things are strangely synchronous, too. (See video link below) Don’t you love it when that happens? 

Anyway, today I’m acutely aware of this midway time of year. It’s a time for assessment. While flipping through my “website notes” spiral notebook, I came across my 2020 goals. To be honest, I’d forgotten I’d actually written them out. What a perfect time, at solstice, to assess my aspirational goals. 

My biggest failure to progress has to do with my email list  which is only at 10% of where I want to be by year’s end. I have work to do there, obviously, but since I hadn’t even logged onto my mail program since January, I was happy to see some new subscribers to my newsletter. Thank you, new subscribers! 

Of course, I haven’t mailed out a newsletter since I don’t know when. Note to self: create a newsletter schedule. 

Other goals have been met, so I was able to check them off. One goal needed to be crossed off as it no longer applies. I added a new one in its place. 

Here we stand at the solstice of the year 2020, my friends. It sure feels as if we started out in one place and are going to end up somewhere else when December rolls around. We will have gone through (or will still be going through) a pandemic. We will have seen an uprising for equality and justice throughout the world. Leadership even may have changed hands. 

We don’t always ask for or want change. It can be disheartening, uncomfortable, and even terrifying; however, to change is to live. Every moment everything alive is in flux. Every moment the earth travels a bit on its path around the sun and the universe expands just a little further into whatever that void is beyond the beyond. 

I’m just going to sit with that for a bit today. 

XOXO – Shelley


Have your reassessed your goals lately? Do you tweak your goals on a daily/weekly/monthly basis or do you keep them “as is” until you either achieve them or nix them? I love to read comments and I comment back.

Enjoy Christina Perri’s video of “Human” below. 

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  1. Ah, the turning of the wheel. I like that imagery, how we move from season to season, not only in nature but in our lives. I find myself embracing the crone more and more.

    1. Definitely the crone phase here, too. One thing about being older is we realize “this too shall pass” applies to EVERYTHING.

  2. Solstice – sun stopping … was on my mind over the weekend too. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on this flux in nature. I never make goal lists; I don’t know why. That’s just me. I like to go with the flow and grow with whatever arises in front of me. That being said, an ongoing goal of mine is to be slimmer! I just don’t enjoy the work that has to go into it.

    1. As I’d forgotten I’d even made a goal list for this year, I totally understand where you are coming from! I guess I pretty much knew what my major goals were…but I’d forgotten some of them. Anyway, I can’t even talk about slimming. I’m at my wits end on that front…as my front turns into a beach ball. Sigh. Hang in there! You are not alone.

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