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A Hot & Steamy Preview

A Hot & Steamy Preview

I thought you might enjoy a  hot & steamy preview from the sex scene I wrote today. This is going at the end of Chapter 8. Jett and Rosalie just finished a romantic picnic beneath a cabana on the beach. They discussed their feelings and decided to continue their clandestine affair. 

Jett moved the table outside the cabana and let the curtains fall, enclosing them in a gauzy cocoon. The candles danced on top of the picnic basket in the corner as he sat down beside her on the rug. 

“Come here,” he said. He cupped her face with his hands and kissed her. His lips felt dry and warm on hers, but when he opened his mouth, his tongue was wet, warm, thrilling. They kissed deeply for a few minutes, and Rosalie couldn’t tell if the rushing she heard was the surf or her own blood pounding in her veins. 

She murmured dissent as his lips left hers and traveled up her cheek before placing soft, little kisses on her closed eyelids. Her lashes fluttered against his mouth. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered. He slid his hands up her bare shoulders and around to the back of her neck where the halter top of her dress was tied in a bow. 

With a sharp tug, the bow loosened. The soft, fluid material fell away from her, exposing her breasts. “Lie back against the pillow,” he said. His fingers traced lines down the soft insides of her arms before grasping her wrists and gently lifting them over her head. As he kissed her breasts, she looked up at the play of light against the curtains overhead.

This book is being totally rewritten, so if you want to wait for the revised version, sign up for my mailing list and you’ll get a notification.

If you want to read more of the first draft of this novel right now, click HERE.

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  1. Steamy for sure!

    1. That’s just the beginning of the scene, too. It gets even steamier, lol.

    1. And it gets hotter…

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