Free Flash Fiction: MOLECULES

The violet-shaded glasses slide down my nose again. The tumbler slips from my fingers. Drops. Shatters. The sound is muffled, almost nothing.shelley Burbank Seed-pearls of condensation make the glass slippery, dangerous, sly.I push violet-colored shades up the bridge of my nose where…

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Uploading Ourselves

This week, I write about how I'm going to be working at an upcoming education conference and the very invasive "health & safety" requirements for entrance into the event.   Has it been awhile since you've attended an in-person conference or event? Me,…

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Rainy Day Friends: A Very Short Story

Back in December, my flash fiction was published in San Diego Woman magazine! I was thrilled because I'd actually pitched the idea of a fiction section in the magazine to the editor, and she gave it a try. THIS month, three more…

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Palm Springs
Viva Marilyn

Palm Springs

Hello, Lovelies!With things opening back up (finally) and spring in the air, Hubby and I decided to take a brief overnight trip up to Palm Springs. We'd heard about it, but really didn't know what to expect. Turns out, it was Modernism…

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