Book Review: Aventurine and the Reckoning by Anne Britting Oleson

I finished  Aventurine and the Reckoning  by Anne Britting Oleson in the wee hours of the morning, propelled by a suspenseful story that started out in a slow roll and gathered momentum toward a tense and satisfying conclusion. Oleson’s lovely writing style drew me in as did her descriptions of English cities, villages, restaurants, meals, and the music festival scene. Readers follow along as successful journalist Aventurine and her nephew, Paul, travel toward and meet with Genevieve, a WWII British agent, now in her nineties and still spry, who has agreed to be interviewed by Aventurine for a magazine article and possible book. 

In addition to the delightful armchair travel, the story delves into Aventurine’s past: a devastating betrayal and theft and a beautiful favor granted. This history catches up to her in England, literally and figuratively, and leads to consternation, anger, fear, and intrigue. Meanwhile, Paul struggles with his father’s disappearance in a freak sailing accident, becoming cold and withdrawn toward his aunt without explanation as the days pass, and is manipulated by a scheming, sociopathic narcissist with potentially fatal consequences. 

Oleson totally delivered in this literary suspense/thriller. I will read more by this author for sure. 

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