Life in the SLO Lane

This weekend, Hubby and I traveled up to San Luis Obispo, known affectionately by the locals as SLO, with a couple of foodie friends. We ate well. We visited two wineries for tastings. We took a leisurely train (and one bus) to and from the Central Coast region.  Read all about it below and maybe… Continue reading Life in the SLO Lane

The Cozy Comfort of Knitting

When you find yourself distracted and upset by the outside world, sometimes there’s nothing better than picking up a couple of hefty needles and a skein of soft, bright, bulky yarn.  Read on to hear about how a simple knit stitch project like this comfort shawl can lift your spirits in crazy times.    March.… Continue reading The Cozy Comfort of Knitting

Spring Cleaning My Tech

“Out of clutter find simplicity. From discord find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” –Albert Einstein Every so often, the need to simplify, downsize, and clarify, grabs hold of me and I become a whirling dervish of activity: selling tableware, giving away books, tossing files from filing cabinets, bundling up old clothes to… Continue reading Spring Cleaning My Tech

Simplicity, Luxury, Refinement

This morning, I grabbed my usual cup of coffee and my current read, and headed out to the balcony. This is how I start my days, with coffee and books and music. Today I cued up a playlist of opera arias and visited the English countryside with Wilkie Collins’s mystery novel, The Woman In White. … Continue reading Simplicity, Luxury, Refinement