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man and woman kissing-Falling In Love With Films

Come on in and explore the movies and films I’ve been watching. You’ll find a little of everything: classic book adaptations, classic films from the Golden Age of cinema, modern big-screen rom-coms, and made-for-television romances. 

LOVE, GUARANTEED totally charms with Rachel Leigh Cook and Damon Wayans, Jr. as a struggling but passionate lawyer and a nice guy who’s been burned by love. A classic rom-com in the making, LOVE GUARANTEED is guaranteed to make romantic comedy fans swoon. Falling autumn leaves, witty dialogue, cute chemistry–if it please the court, yes! 

You never know with rom-coms these days, but LOVE, GUARANTEED didn’t disappoint. While there were few surprises, plot-wise, the elevated acting took this one up a notch. I enjoyed seeing these two characters fall in love. The pacing clicked right along, no clunky elements, and the Tiffany song and FRIENDS references didn’t hurt, either. I will watch this one again. 

It is available to watch on Netflix. 

A DECEMBER BRIDE is a 2016 Hallmark Christmas movie starring Jessica Lowndes as Layla O’Reilly and Daniel Lissing as Seth Murphy. A sweet, romantic story of family, fake engagement, and festive holiday decorating…and December weddings. 


While this is typical Hallmark fare, I couldn’t help but be charmed by this story about  a jilted real estate decorator and a workaholic businessman who has harbored a secret crush for years–even when she was engaged to his friend. When they decide to fake an engagement to help her land an important client, they find themselves feeling more than they bargained for. 

It is available to purchase on Amazon Prime. It will also be showing on the Hallmark Channel in November. 

Rebecca; man and woman's faces

Netflix’s re-imagined REBECCA, the classic gothic noir written by Daphne Du Maurier in 1938, gets fairly high marks from me, especially for the wonderful costuming and set design. 

Sometimes you just want to be transported into a different time and place, and REBECCA did that for me last night. I settled in with my mug of tea and lost myself in the fashions and manners of post WWI Monte Carlo and an incredible manor in the English countryside. The sets were lavish and moody, by parts. The costuming harkened to the time period but with an updated feel…to the point I found myself wondering if I should begin looking for Liberty print blouses and wide-legged trousers in the upcoming summer fashion magazines. While the acting and script felt more upscale made-for-television than big-screen (because, of course, that’s what it is), I didn’t mind. We’ve all grown accustomed to the genre. (Is genre the right word?). It felt like Downtown Abby to me…and that is a GOOD thing. I’d recommend this whole-heartedly if you like a bit of noir/thriller with your period costuming. 

Available on Netflix. 

Man and woman standing; You've Got Mail

“Don’t you love New York in the fall?” Yes, if by this you mean rewatching 1998’s ultimate bookish rom-com, YOU’VE GOT MAIL starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. 

It is very likely that many of my older readers have seen this movie not only once, but several times. Me, too! And yet, I went looking for it today. I wanted that classic autumn in New York City vibe. I wanted the Cranberries song playing. I wanted a youngish Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan sparring via Nora and Delia Ephron’s witty dialogue. I wanted beautiful interior shots of what I think must be a pre-war apartment. I wanted to think about small, Indie bookstores, the megabookstores like Border’s that put them out of business, and feel the schadenfruede of knowing that not so long afterward, Amazon and ebooks kicked Borders into the same twilight as stores like The Shop Around the Corner while some hardy independents not only hung on but thrived! You can’t beat Ephron for rom-com magic. It’s fall leading into Christmas in this one. Pop some corn. Sip some hot apple cider. Float a cinnamon stick in it. And then curl up with this classic. 

YOU’VE GOT MAIL is showing on HBO Max. Ironically, you can also rent or buy it on

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