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Friday Happy Hour, July 24, 2020

Friday Happy Hour, July 24, 2020

Rose wine for Friday Happy Hour. A strawberry and orange slice…is nice. 

Happy Friday Happy Hour. 

After noodling around with my Rosalie rewrite stuff today (I am having so much trouble figuring out exactly what kind of story I’m writing. Is it redemption? Maturation? Eek!), I went for a walk in the nearby park and am now out on the balcony with this nice, refreshing rosé. I added the strawberry on the rim and a blood orange slice floating on top. This adds maybe a teeny bit of nuanced flavor, but mostly it is what I call “for pretty.”

Why do we need embellishments? Hmmm. Maybe need is the wrong word. Enjoy might be better. 

Having something pretty and special adds enjoyment to our experience and surroundings. Especially at this time when so many of us are still being extra careful about socializing, a little froufrou in the ol’ Friday cocktail or wine glass lends a zip of pizzazz to the dullish usual. 

We’ve all become masters at distraction by now, haven’t we? Let’s give ourselves a bit of applause for holding on to our sanity. I mean, some people are actually thriving in this environment. 

I can’t say I’m thriving, exactly. I’m learning, and that’s something. Most days I think, “I might as well work on my writing because what the hell else do I have to do?” 

So, what’s up for you this weekend? I have nothing planned at all. I did order some hotdogs and something called pickle-kraut this week. Maybe a quinoa/cucumber salad to go with? 

I’ll take a pic to share with you on Monday. Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend, my dears. 



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  1. Ooh, I’ve just seen this, and your subsequent post now, after going to your site to see if you have been active. I didn’t get any notifications for these two recent posts …

    My weekend? I had a 2 hour Zoom awards and cocktail ceremony to ‘attend’ over the weekend, with the Lake Stewards of Maine. I can’t recall anything else of consequence that I did, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything worthwhile, it means I’m forgetful!

    1. Zoom awards and cocktails sounds like a lot of fun, Debbie.

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