Monday Motivation

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My motivation today is simple: Get my book edits done!

Okay, it’s not quite that simple because I also decided to create an online writers marketing group for small press authors (with a couple self/indie authors thrown into the mix). It’s more work for me, but I’ve been feeling the need to have a community of authors who are as interested in marketing options and tools as I am.

Why An Author Marketing Support Group?

I want to stay up-to-date on the latest best-practices–because the truth is, things change. What worked in 2004 or 2014 doesn’t work all that well now. Readers shop primarily online, mostly on Amazon. They find their next reads on Goodreads and from word of mouth–not from spots on television or ads/reviews in major magazines/newspapers. Hard to believe, I know!

At least, that’s the gist of what I’ve learned.

Maybe I’ve been reading the wrong articles and following the wrong gurus. That’s why I want a group to offer alternative theories and ideas and knowledge. It’s hard to navigate this publishing landscape alone.

So I’ve spent my morning organizing the group, but now it’s time to get back to the edits. I’m reading slowly and thoroughly despite the book going through a developmental edit and a line edit. I’m finding some weird boo-boos.

Line Edits To Catch Little Mistakes (and some big ones!)

Like what, you ask? Okay, when I made changes after the dev edit, I tightened up some dialogue but somehow failed to realize one of the characters replies to something that no longer exists!

“As usual, you’re upset because I’m not doing exactly what you want, when you want.” Liv took a deep breath. Her mother had been surprisingly supportive after Liv’s ordeal, offering to help Liv organize her closet and even spending a night watching old movies and eating popcorn out of a big, communal bowl set between them on Liv’s couch. “Why are you ruining it now?” 

“Did you ever stop to think it’s because of the Rob thing—as you call it—that I’m worried about you? Your choices got you into some serious trouble. I want you to be safe. I want you to be taken care of. Is that so horrible?”

Did you catch that? WHAT “Rob thing?” I took out Liv’s mention of him…but her mother, Tiffany, replies as if she still heard it! (Must have been reading her daughter’s mind; I mean, it happens, but no. Just no.)

Or the paragraph that went something like the following:

Her cell woke her at noon. She thrust out her hand, scrabbled for the phone, and opened one eye to check the display. Nine-twenty a.m. Ugh. She put the phone to her ear. “H‘lo.” 

Does anyone see the problem here?

I’ll tell you at the end of the post. The thing is, how did both my editor and I miss this blatant error? I don’t know, but now I’m questioning everything. I have to go through this book with fresh, open, aware eyes and mind.

What are you working on this week? What’s motivating you?

Whatever you doing, I know you can do it! Believe in yourself, divide your goals into small steps, take at least one step forward every day.

Cheers! Shelley

Oh, the error. It’s 12 noon in one sentence and 9:20 am two sentences later. Grammarly wouldn’t catch that, but I certainly should have! At least I did this time around.

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A photo from one of my book events last year!

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