Monday Motivation

Hands holding coffee cups from above with Monday Motivation written at bottom

On Mondays, we will be motivated.

Or at least I will be motivated to find some inspiration out there that we might use to jump-start our weeks; heaven knows I need it sometimes, so I bet you do, too.

Kristen Stewart on Relevance & Perspective

“You know we live in a world that’s so obsessed with content, and so it’s wild think if you don’t make it then somehow you’re not like cool or important or relevant or something. But I feel like the only reason to commit to something fully is because you have a perspective; people with perspectives don’t need advice.” –Kristen Stewart via @sundanceorg on Instagram.

Are you committed to your goals, your art, your craft? Is it because you have a unique vision or idea you need to get out into the world, to share, or is because you fear not being cool and relevant?

As Stewart points out, we can be relevant without trying to “be somebody” on Tik Tok or Instagram or YouTube or Goodreads or the New York Times Bestseller List or the Sundance Film Festival.

This is something I’ve tried to embrace, the idea that we don’t have to be perfect to be remarkable. Figure out what you like. Bring more of that into your life. Throw out the stuff you no longer need, no longer brings you joy, no longer fits–and I don’t just mean clothes and furniture. I mean interests. I mean religious beliefs. I mean political leanings.

Make Life Your Art

Make your life your art.

You don’t need to document your life on social media, or on a blog like this, or anywhere in public, really. If you want to do so, fabulous.

If not, it’s okay to keep it simple. A journal, perhaps. A sketchbook. The way you decorate your home. The books you chose to read. The music you listen to when you wake up in the morning. The meals you prepare. The people you engage with. The conversations you start with strangers and loved ones or that guy down the street who walks his dog the same time you walk yours in the early afternoon.

The important thing is to be aware of your life. Be present. Revel in it.

And what about those of us who do have that terrible drive to add to the store of content which continues to multiply like copies of copies of copies under the spell of a Gemino Curse? *

We may all end up crushed under it’s awful spell. We may find ourselves ultimately defeated beneath the weight of useless, unremarkable content. We, ourselves, not on purpose but still, may be adding to the vault of useless drivel.

Or maybe one of us has the magic potion that will change the world.

If you have something you need to say, to do, to create, there’s only one piece of advice, I guess, to give you.

Keep going, grasshopper.

*See Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; Gringotts Wizarding Bank, Lestrange vault.


  1. I was so busy working on my art, that I didn’t see this until Tuesday morning! It was meant to be! Love it!♥️

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