June 1, 2018

DISGUISED chosen as featured story on Wattpad.com

Online reading and writing site, Wattpad.com, has chosen Shelley Burbank’s mystery/romance DISGUISED as a featured story for June 2018.

The story will be highlighted on the site’s The Featured List for 21 days. 

Wattpad.com is a “global multiplatform entertainment company” that has 65 million users from around the globe who create and publish stories on the site.

Additionally, Wattpad Studios is a program that collaborates with the entertainment industry to co-produce stories for movies, television programs, and print.

DISGUISED currently has over 275,000 reads and over 10,000 votes. To check out the story, click on the image or the yellow “Follow Me On Wattpad” button on the right. 

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