Part IV: In The New Year

Black gift bag with ribbons

Photo Above: While strolling through the Liberty Station Arts District around Christmastime, Hubby & I, along with Dear Daughter and Boyfriend, stepped into La Galleria. I turned to Hubby and said, “If you ever want to buy me a gift, anything in this shop will do.” You can check out some of their offerings on their Instagram account. I am not paid to promote them; just sharing places, people, and things I find useful or beautiful. 

Dear Friends, I hope you’ve enjoyed this four-part essay on moving forward in 2022 toward a more peaceful, harmonious, and creative life. My ideas are, of course, debatable…and not in any way a total answer. I’m looking forward to exploring other topics in future blog posts as well as sharing some short fictions, book reviews, and author interviews. (Speaking of which, check out my book review of Maine author Kevin St. Jarre’s ABSENCE OF GRACE posted this weekend.)

I’m also hoping to explore more fully the idea of nurturing beauty and creativity in everyday living–something to which I aspire but often forget to practice

There is a potential flaw in my creative personality type, a tendency to dream and imagine while slacking off in the implementation

Check in next week for something about this and how I’m going to use my journal to help me stay on task. Meanwhile, I leave you with the conclusion to IN THE NEW YEAR.


The Wrap Up

We can’t control what other people do and say, on or off social media, but we can control the time and energy we spend on socials. I am keeping my profiles live for the time being, but I’m very rarely posting content–mostly notices of these blog posts. I’m engaging with others’ posts, yes, and I’m participating in Facebook groups and using the messaging services. For now. I’m carefully monitoring my behavior and my reactions, and if I find myself slipping into the muck, I’ll climb out. 

I’m using my social profiles to point people here, to If people want to know what I’m doing and thinking, they can find me on my website and/or sign up for my newsletter. I can control what happens on my own platform. 

It’s my space. My energy flow. My current in the river. May it spread peace & resilience in 2022.


Thank you for reading! Looking at this wrap-up, it seems to contain an awful lot of “I” and “I’m” in there. Is this a problem? Maybe. Something else to consider for future posts.

If YOU have made a social media pivot, this year or in the past, please consider sharing. I love your comments and ideas. I write back.

Ciao, Lovelies!



  1. I don’t have a problem reading about a personal journey. “I”s at least show reflection and you’re not pointing fingers at others for your shortcomings ?.

    As you know, I made a break from Facebook (probably 18 months ago now), cold turkey. I didn’t close my account, and I don’t feed the dog (I don’t post), EXCEPT in groups I belong to where I might have info not already offered, e.g. the spread of invasive aquatic plants in our lake. Sometimes it feels lonely not engaging or being engaged where everyone else seems to ‘meet’ but I decided to stick with my decision, and over time I’ve felt less alienated, and have reclaimed a lot of my time for other things.

    1. Yes, Debbie! Your experience was inspiring to me in so many ways. Honestly, I don’t feel as if I’m missing out on much, either. The groups are a nice feature and one I’ll continue with as long as they feel safe and fun. Thanks for being such a practical and inspiring person!

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