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Pink Is My New Favorite Color

I used to love the color red.

I loved it so much I painted my bedroom walls a deep, vibrant poppy. This despite the common knowledge that red is too exciting for a sleeping space. Not to mention the passion/anger factor. You don’t want to go to bed angry in a scarlet bedroom, right? Well, let’s see . . .

Cindy Bailen, in an online article for USA Today Network’s site Reviewed reported on a study conducted by Travelodge. The hotel surveyed 2,000 households about how the colors of their bedroom walls affected their sleep . . .  and other things. Bailen writes, “You might think of a red bedroom as romantic, but red is too exciting a color to encourage good sleep. In the study, it didn’t even encourage good sex.”

Maybe I’m just different than your average person, but I never had trouble sleeping–or other things–in my red bedroom. Fifteen years later, I still enjoy looking at those walls of the Maine house, and it’s a good thing, too, because I suspect trying to paint them a lighter color might take more coats of primer than I want to think about right now.  

Because we had a few buckets of paint left over and I liked the color scheme of the bedroom so much, we painted the mudroom walls the same color. This matched nicely with the red accessories in the nearby kitchen–the slow-cooker, my grandmother’s old salt and pepper shakers, pancake warmer, heavy covered cassoulet dish, dish towels, napkins.

I also love red toenail polish and red lipstick. In fact, I plan on wearing nothing but red lipstick in a few years when my hair finally goes all white and I can channel one of my heroines, Iris Apfel, who is now a certified fashion model. I’ll never be a fashion model, but I will rock the glasses and the bold mouth.

But in the meantime, there is something about pink. First there was the Vera Bradley bag with the fuschia flowers someone gave me a few years ago. Then the pink slippers with the fuzzy lining. Then last year’s trendy, pink-gold cover for my mobile phone. Most recently, I found a beautiful, cozy, long J.Jill hooded sweatshirt in the softest, most delicate pink you can imagine. There’s pink polish on my toes right now, waiting for spring.

Searching around the internet, I find mostly positive associations with pink (little girl fashion doll pink, notwithstanding). FatRabbit Creative wrote about pink in an online article entitled, “Psychology of the Color Pink and What it Means for Your Business.” They wrote that pink was diverse, “primarily recognized as a feminine color,” yet bright pinks were “passionate and almost sensual.” Additionally, they stated, “Calm pinks are friendly and represent the carefree days of childhood. The use of calm pinks on the web are typically found within female-focused industries, such as wedding planning, clothing, and baking.”

When it came time to create my website, the choice of color was a no-brainer. I write romance and women’s fiction. It had to be pink.

For me, medium and blush pinks feel friendly, warm, caring, pretty, and elegant*. Somewhere down the line, I may opt to add in some navy blue to my website, but for now, I like the silvery gray and pink tones that feel like the soft warmth of cozy slippers, the shimmer of beautiful sunsets, the scent of roses, the heat of a soft blush washing briefly across your lover’s cheekbones when you smile at them and purr, “Hello, gorgeous.”


*Notice the use of the Oxford comma? I’m a fan. Think it isn’t important? It decided the fate of a big legal case in Maine.

Here I am in my pink slippers, pink J.Jill sweatshirt, and pink iPhone today.
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  1. So cosy and homey-sounding! Loved reading your first blog piece, Shelley

    1. Thank you, Debbie! Now can I tempt you to guest blog at some point?

  2. Ooh, I love pink too! And I love Iris Apfel! But the red lipstick… too old and too scared. But, who knows. Maybe after this I’ll give it a try.

    1. Thanks for stopping in and commenting, Georgette! Red lips aren’t for everyone. We all have our own style. Embrace what works for you!

  3. I have been liking pink more and more over the last few years. Presently knitting a scarf in pink.

    1. There is just something FRIENDLY about it, right? Can’t wait to see how your scarf turns out:) Thanks for checking out the blog.

  4. I’ve never thought of the color “pink” this way before. You are wrapped in success……….love your pictures!

    1. Hi Jan! Thanks for stopping in and for your lovely comment. I’m glad you like the pics!

  5. Loved this one. I love pink. Long ago I did a survey on the color pink and was shocked to hear how many people hated it! So this is refreshing

    1. Aw, it’s such a friendly color. That makes me sad.

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