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Plants, Plots, and Plodding Along

Plants, Plots, and Plodding Along

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

-Audrey Hepburn


From the minute I saw this San Diego apartment balcony, I knew I wanted to create a cozy, plant-filled space where I could sip my morning coffee and enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail at sunset. While I often envision such things, I’m also a horrible procrastinator. For some reason, I balk at making decisions and then, gasp, pulling out the credit card. It could be I worry about buyers remorse. It could be I’m just cheap. Who knows?

Anyway, the spirit moved me last week, and I went a little crazy and bought not only a few pretty pillows for the chairs but also this cute rug in my current favorite colors–pinks, blues, yellows, with a bit of gray. The amusing thing is, when I unrolled the rug, I realized it has the exact same colors as the rug I bought for the living room last year. I hadn’t even been thinking about it when I was shopping online, scrolling through page after page for the perfect piece. 

I’ve also added a mint plant to my collection. And look at my baby tomato! I threw an old, wrinkled, organic grape tomato into the pot with my basil awhile ago, and voila! Up popped a seedling. I transferred it to this old bucket (yes, there’s a hole in it!) with some bagged soil, and that plant is growing inches per day! 

The yellow and green one next to the tomato is called a Snake Plant. It has curling, slender tips at the end of each frond, kind of like a snake’s tongue, I guess. Then you can see the mint and the basil, and my pretty “anniversary” geranium, again, in my favorite shade of pink.


I have coffee out here almost every morning while reading. I’m currently halfway through the Jakes novel. In these crazy times, it’s comforting to live in the Gilded Age for an hour or two a day. 


Always eager to try new soup recipes, I discovered I had in my cupboards all the ingredients for a delicious lentil soup. 

bowl of soup and spoon

Using a recipe I found on the Cookie & Kate website, I used a can of Cento brand cherry tomatoes, kale and added a squeeze of honey, a tsp of cinnamon, and lime juice instead of lemon. It was scrumptious! And do use the entire amount of olive oil. I think it really made all the difference in the richness of the broth. Vegan and full of  healthy goodness. 

screen with words lipstick jungle


What have I been watching lately? This. Candace Bushnell’s LIPSTICK JUNGLE. I love this show! And I can watch it free on It’s the story of three ambitious NYC women at the top of their careers. They are juggling these busy jobs with family and relationship drama. Brooke Shields all grown up. Andrew McCarthy all grown up! Fashion, entertainment, corporate shenanigans, sexy boy toys, secret babies, bling. If any of these things interest you, it’s worth enduring the tiresome advertisements. 


Finally, writing. I’ve rearranged and rewritten seven chapters of ROSALIE, and I wrote a brand-new chapter yesterday (almost finished. I still have a sex scene to write!) I’m pretty pleased with how it’s shaping up, but not so pleased with my pace of output. I really am ready to be done with this book! 

What will I do when I’m finished? One project is a series of interviews with mature female writers on Wattpad. I’m also feeling an urge to play around with some short fiction for awhile. And, of course, there is the LOVE & EAST MERCY rewrite to tackle. 

Of course, there is also this blog and my newsletter. I’m thinking of maybe posting some of the short fiction here just for fun. 

Next up: Check back in a couple of days for the next Friday Happy Hour cocktail video.

Next week: Aaaannnd…good news! Next week there will be a guest post. I’m so excited about this. I admire this writer’s deft, precise narrative style so much. I know you’ll love it. 

What have you been planting, plotting, reading, creating this week? We can be both INSPIRE and BE INSPIRED by each other here. That’s what friends are for! xoxo Shelley

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  1. I loved the reference to a hole in the bucket 😊. It was great to catch up on what you’ve been up to. I’ve been dallying with nature a lot, and reflecting too, as I wait for my tomatoes to ripen. I’ve successfully managed to maintain a basil plant in a pot indoors (yay, me), and seem to have inadvertently started an Oregano plant, probably from your garden.

    1. Watching tomatoes ripen sure is more interesting to watch than paint drying, lol. So funny that the oregano sneaked in there.

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