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Flash Fiction Stories in SAN DIEGO WOMAN MAGAZINE

The Right Direction; Rainy Day Friends; Holiday Cheers; and New Sweaters, San Diego Woman Magazine December 2021, p. 32-33


Three books in a row

“Jill G. Hall,” San Diego Woman Magazine, December 2021, p. 30 

Business News & Author Q & A in the WATERBORO REPORTER newspaper

“Limerick chocolate house opening for the season,” The Waterboro Reporter, October 7, 2020, page 6

“Local author and teacher publishes YA thriller,” The Waterboro Reporter, June 3, 2021

“Ice-Fishing has a new game,” The Waterboro Reporter, Feb. 18, 2021


Book The Last Ten Days


THE LAST TEN DAYS: Academia, Dementia, and the Choice to Die

by Martha Brosio with Shelley Burbank

Published by Myers Education Press, June 2019. 

From John Marciano (Emeritus at SUNY Cortland, U.S.A.) review in EDUCATIONAL REVIEW:

“After more than 50 years of reading in the social, historical, and philosophical foundations of education, I do not recall a book in these fields or in the field of education more broadly that brings together matters of love, memoir, tragedy, and critical insights on the field in one volume. It is virtually unheard of to find critical insights about capitalism and education wrapped up in a love story. It reminds us that as we pursue our intellectual craft, first we are human beings living out our daily lives. We need tender moments. We thrive best in love. We grow. We produce. We contribute. And, we die, perhaps in the arms of a loved one, assured that we have done our best for our craft and students and for those who have held us. With the radical psychoanalyst Willhelm Reich, Martha Risberg Brosio and Shelley Burbank remind us throughout this book that “Love, work, and knowledge are the wellsprings of our lives. They should also govern it.” 


“The Right Direction,” San Diego Woman Magazine, December 2021

“Rainy Day Friends,” San Diego Woman Magazine, December 2021

“Holiday Cheers,” San Diego Woman Magazine, December 2021

 “New Sweaters,” San Diego Woman Magazine, December 2021

“Escape, U.S.A.” The Maine Review, Winter 2015

“Tropical Itch: How Hawaii Saved My Marriage,” True Confessions, June 2012

“A Time for Renewal: After the Thaw!” True Story, March 2012

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“Dating an Introvert,” True Love, Jan. 2011

“Shocking Infidelities,” True Love, March 2010