Short Story: Rainy Day Friends

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Back in December, my flash fiction was published in San Diego Woman Magazine! I was thrilled because I’d actually pitched the idea of a fiction section in the magazine to the editor, and she gave it a try. THIS month, three more of my flashes are included in the latest edition–along with some other talented writers who have now found a new outlet for their work! I’ll include a link following the story so you can access the latest edition online.

So please enjoy RAINY DAY FRIENDS, a very story about how women help each other in many different ways. Remember, when we create a network of support and love  (instead of competition and “me first”) we are all stronger and more successful in the long run. 

Rain Day Friends

Sasha and Bronte stood in the park looking at the puddle where three shrieking five- and six-year olds stomped and splashed, excited by the first rainstorm after many long, dry months in Southern California.

“Maybe we shouldn’t let them do that,” Sasha murmured. “They’ll get your car all wet and muddy.”

Bronte shook her head and laughed as the rain dripped off their umbrellas. “Don’t you worry about that. The upholstery can take it. Let them play.” 

Sasha nodded. “It’s just so hard for my girls without Josh. I don’t know what I would have done without you these past few months. When he left, it felt like my whole world caving in. But you. You’ve been there, telling me I could move onward and upward. Introducing me to the gallery. Showing your boss my portfolio. Pushing them to hire me. Even picking the girls up at daycare when I have to work late! I don’t know how I can ever, ever repay you.” 

“Hey, stop it.” Bronte nudged Sasha’s shoulder with her own.  “It’s all you, babe. Your portfolio. Your work. Your enthusiasm and charm. I always knew you had it in you.”

“Thank you.”  

Bronte continued to speak, her voice thoughtful and warm. “We’re rainy day friends, Sash. And sunshiny friends, too. Next time I’ll be the one who needs support, and you’ll be there for me. In life there’s always gonna be some sun and always gonna be some rain, but with good friends to buoy you up, you never have to worry about drowning.”

The two women watched as the three girls twirled and stomped in their bright rubber boots, sending droplets of water back into to air to meet the falling rain. 

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