Fear and Loathing in America

I'm starting something new on the blog. It's called Off the Cuff. Here I write about sundry topics on my "off days." Basically, I'm venting. So beware. However, I also attempt to find a silver lining or a way forward. Also, there may be references and footnotes. Yeah. It's that kind of thing. Today's Off the Cuff topics: Social media, for the most part, no longer serves me. And people are crazy.  ***** Social Media "Whoas " For a few weeks, I've posted notices on Facebook pointing to my website, encouraging people with whom I'm "friendly"…

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☕️ 2020 Vision

The start of a new year is like opening up to the first page of a new book. I mean, it has that new book smell, right? The pages are unmarred by coffee stains or chocolate smears. Neither bathtub water nor rain has warped the paper into waves and bubbles. The corners aren't dog-eared yet. Nobody's underlined or written in the margins. It's all ahead for you to discover, a wonderful adventure waiting to unfold.Something about the first page of a new book excites me with possibilities. Sure, ten pages in I may be disappointed. Midway,…

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