Something Sparkly in a Little Velvet Box

Just for you, my dear readers, a Valentine’s Day short story with a happy ending. XOXO, Shelley SOMETHING SPARKLY IN A LITTLE VELVET BOX ******** “I have bad news.”  Henley’s voice faded in and out, the cell service in that part of Florida spotty. I pressed the phone against my ear. “What did you say?”… Continue reading Something Sparkly in a Little Velvet Box

Cozy Butterfly Project

[UPDATED March 2022] So, awhile back I had the idea of starting a comfort shawl project that would allow myself and others to encourage women engaged in the hard work of transforming themselves and their lives.  A couple years ago, as an enthusiastic but scattered knitter with basic to intermediate skills, I’d been drawn to… Continue reading Cozy Butterfly Project