🍹Friday Happy Hour, June 26, 2020

Makings for a Not-Quite Tequila Margarita. Lemon drop mix. Passion fruit sparkling water. Lime juice. PHOTO BY: Shelley Burbank Happy Friday Happy Hour, Peeps!Have you wanted to change a bad habit but at that same time maintain a pleasurable ritual?This is me right now with my love-affair with the cocktail. I so enjoy an end of the day libation, the sense of sinking into a mellow, relaxing mood at the end of the day, maybe having a few nibbles, and listening to some jazz. I like cocktail glasses, cocktail napkins, and cocktail garnishes. On occasion I love…

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🍸Friday Happy Hour, April 17, 2020

I've started sketching humorous little comics in this weird, isolating period of pandemic. --SRB I have run out of vodka. Not only that, I’ve run out of olives.  Now, there are many things about this pandemic we are in that are more important than my inability to make myself a martini at the end of the day, but I’m mourning the loss just the same. Just as you are most likely mourning the loss of something seemingly small, but none-the-less important, to your idea of “the good life.”  (If you’ve lost a person to this pandemic,…

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