Thursday Vibes

For two days now I’ve meant to post an entry in this writing journal. Instead I’ve been busy revising “Rosalie.” It’s a GOOD sign when I’m so engaged in the writing work, I forget the blogging. Oh, and I did get the Mailer Lite all authenticated and verified after a bit of back and forth… Continue reading Thursday Vibes

Monday Motivation: April 15, 2024

With spring in the air here in San Diego and a new book due out in August, I’m thinking about growth: What do we do when our attempts to grow don’t work? How important is growth, anyway? What if we have to pivot back to something we hoped to leave behind? How can we nurture… Continue reading Monday Motivation: April 15, 2024

Writing Life: Success: What is it Good For?

Coffee in the Morning

I’ve been thinking about success a lot these days–what it means, what happens if you fail, what happens if you don’t fail. Is the journey really the point, or are we just making ourselves feel better about our failures when we invoke the journey? Is it better to aim high and land somewhere south of… Continue reading Writing Life: Success: What is it Good For?