Part IV: In The New Year

Photo Above: While strolling through the Liberty Station Arts District around Christmastime, Hubby & I, along with Dear Daughter and Boyfriend, stepped into La Galleria. I turned to Hubby and said, “If you ever want to buy me a gift, anything in this shop will do.” You can check out some of their offerings on… Continue reading Part IV: In The New Year

Part II: In The New Year

Photo above: My first read of the new year was Good Faith, a 2003 book written by the fabulous Jane Smiley. Written in first person and set in the 1980s just as the inflation and recession ended and America was poised to surge into the deregulated 80s, Good Faith tells the story of a small-town… Continue reading Part II: In The New Year

Part I: In The New Year

Happy New Year, my friends! I’m so delighted you’re here.  IN THE NEW YEAR [Part I of  IV] In the new year, there will be surprises. There will be joys and disappointments. There will be days that drag like riding a flat-tired bicycle and weeks that spring along at Olympic-athlete speeds. Soon Valentine’s Day will… Continue reading Part I: In The New Year

Success: What is it Good For?

Coffee in the Morning

I’ve been thinking about success a lot these days–what it means, what happens if you fail, what happens if you don’t fail. Is the journey really the point, or are we just making ourselves feel better about our failures when we invoke the journey? Is it better to aim high and land somewhere south of… Continue reading Success: What is it Good For?