The Earrings of Oz

As much fun as blogging can be, I wish I could just sit with you in a cafe, Dear Reader, and talk about books and the literary life for awhile.

–Shelley Burbank

What do you think of the Oz earrings? Aren’t they cute? I adore them, not least because my friend Wendy, a fellow writer and The Advance Copies (my writing group) founder, gifted them to me when she heard about my plans to write about Oz.

As much fun as blogging can be, I often wish I could just sit with you, Dear Reader, at a cafe where we would drink coffees or a bubbly, pink Prosecco and talk about books and the literary life for awhile. I did just that with my friend Andrea yesterday after we wandered around Balboa Park for awhile in the sunshine. There’s nothing like sitting across from a dear friend and seeing them smile when you say something even mildly amusing, watching their eyes light up when they tell you about their recent happy news, or even offering a sympathetic grimace when you share a disappointment.

Happy May!

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XOXO, Shelley


  1. By the way, the text underneath the earring? Janet Evanovich’s TEN BIG ONES. One of my current reads. 🙂

  2. I am so glad that they are inspiring you to accomplish what will be something amazing! There was a time in my life when everyone knew I was a big Oz fan. I was gifted many Oz items and collectables during that period in my life.
    You are an inspiration to us all!

    1. That is so cool, Wendy! I can see where it would be easy to collect Oz stuff. I’m going to have to restrain myself, lol.

  3. The few in-person encounters I’ve had have been outdoors and bare-bones, but fun. We’ve done chocolate gateau with cream and coffee for a morning campfire, and a bag-lunch and a walk in a nature reservation. My COVID reticence has made me think more creatively, though it requires more work and planning, but I’m glad to have found a few (though limited) ways to socialize on person.

    Fun earrings, indeed!

    1. Debbie, yes! These sounds like uplifting and fun experiences with friends. Socializing outside, we can enjoy human company and the company of other life-forms as well, right? (I know you know.) Being outside is healthy. Fresh air, sunshine, moving our bodies around a bit. Having a picnic in a nature preserve sounds heavenly.Thanks for sharing your experience with us. You’ve reminded me of my plans to figure out more outdoor socializing ways and means. An outdoor fireplace and patio, yes. Maybe a hot tub? Was going to redo the kitchen in the Maine house first, but maybe the priority should be on the outside.

  4. I was fortunate to take a trip this last weekend with a friend from my writer’s group. I forgot how wonderful it was to stay up late into the night chatting with a friend! Reminded me of college and catching up at the end of the day with my roommate. And you’re right- we don’t chat face to face as much as we used to. Love the Oz earrings!

    1. How glorious, Mary Ann! Late night chats about life, writing, books, kids, plans, dreams…anything at all are such an important human experience. Think of how people have always gathered around the fire at night to tell stories, sing songs, and, well, commune with each other at this very deep human level. We need it. Thanks for sharing your experience here. I feel boosted.

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