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If you’re like me, the world sometimes seems to be upside-down, inside-out CRAZY! We don’t need to spell out all the ways, do we? It’s very rare to find a person these days who isn’t stressed out about one aspect of modern life or another. Anxiety and me? We go WAY back, baby. Growing up, I thought having a stomach ache before school every morning was normal.

What’s that you say? You, too? See, I knew we’d be friends.

It’s been a long time since I was in school, and now things seem even faster, angrier, more complex. Society feels divided, our problems unsolvable. We’re caught in a 24/7 news cycle and the diabolical cyber hell of social media wars, doxxing, flaming, calling-out, and plain old bad behavior. (I’m a women’s fiction writer so the recent Romance Writers of America meltdown is fresh in my mind right now. Talk about crazy!)

So, yeah, the world has been knocked a bit off her rocker, but here’s a little secret: We can still create good lives in crazy times.

I really do believe this. This is not the first time in history where humanity has reached some sort of tipping point. Sure, the consequences of our collective action could be dire, but the question I ask myself every day is, “After you’ve done what you can, individually, is there any sense in worrying?”

Worrying never solved anything. Maybe the end of the world is near. Or maybe not. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get hit by a bus. Or not. Either way, why not make the most of whatever time I have left?

We can’t change everything but what we can do is look inside ourselves to rediscover our priorities, our values, our core humanity and then create “the good life” for ourselves based on those principles. Your good life will look different from my good life. That’s awesome! Who wants to live in a world where everyone is the same? Talk about a snore.

The posts I share here on Good Life In Crazy Times are my thoughts, observations, experiences as I go about the existential human task of creating meaning in my own life. Previously, I’ve blogged about living locally and sustainably, and those principals still guide me. (See the old LOCALISTA/Outside the Box blog here.) This blog builds on that foundation, but it is focused more toward the themes and ideas I want to explore mainly through fiction.

I’m a women’s fiction writer. I write stories about women who are struggling to balance home and career, friendship and family, romance and autonomy. I want to write and think about feminism, mindfulness, literacy, books, art, beauty, reading, authenticity, cooking, travel, health, crafts, family, friendship, and community. Check out some of my earlier posts. Sign up for the (very infrequent) newsletter email list. Most important, feel free to join in the conversation with comments and suggestions. Let’s each of us create a good life in crazy times–together.

XoXo, Shelley

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  1. Glad to see you embracing this forum again- can’t wait to keep up with your thoughts and adventures!

    1. We’ll see. I’m attempting to use this instead of Facebook,lol.

  2. Thank you, Shelley. You read my thoughts. These are crazy times. Despair wasn’t working so well for me… it made everyone around me miserable and I was missing out on some lovely moments. Who knows what the future will bring? Right NOW, I can watch the cardinals in the snow outside my window. I can be creative. I can finish my novel. I can read amazing books. And I can and I will be active in participating in our precious and fragile democracy. Thanks again, Shelley, for your thoughts.

    1. So true. Do those things, Georgette. (I’d love to see some cardinals in the snow!) Definitely finish that novel!

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