Thursday, April 11

Florals in upper right and lower left corner with a graphic of woman in kimono and quote by Virginia Woolf.

Here is maybe the best explanation of why so many people write these days. In fact, it may always have been so. Readers love stories. They love them so much that eventually they get the urge to write their own. It’s natural. Always has been.

The only difference now is that technology has made PUBLISHING so much easier and cheaper that not only are all us wretches writing, we are also putting our writing out into the world in record numbers.

I won’t get into whether or not this is ultimately good for literature or readers, but I will say that I applaud the ACT of writing, telling stories, bringing order to chaos through poetry and memoir and true crime narratives and fiction of all stripes. It’s cathartic. Good for the soul. And also fun.

Except when it’s painful.

Most of us don’t have inkpots and quills, but the scourge and the fester are real. Sounds like a work of horror, no? The Scourge & the Fester: A Novel.

Unfortunately, unlike in Ms. Woolfe’s time, we writers have to worry about more than penning a good story with relatable characters and meaningful imagery and a satisfying conclusion. We have to MARKET ourselves and our books. Which is why I’ve spent the last two days futzing around with my website, clutching my hair in my desperate hands, and screaming into the void. I exaggerate.

There was no actual screaming.

Resource for Writers

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately. One is The Publishing Rodeo Podcast: The Good, the Bad, and the Bloody Ugly with Sunyi Dean and Scott Drakeford about the very different experiences authors have when they get a publishing contract–even with the same publisher. It’s eye-opening. And also validating things I’ve been observing/experiencing in the wild world of modern publishing. If you are a writer–or writer-curious–have a listen.

Next Olivia Lively Mystery at Publisher

So, I’ve sent off my edited manuscript to the publisher, and they are working on the cover and interior formatting! The book will be published in August 2024, and I’ll be letting my readers know about pre-order dates and links very soon.

Mailing List

I decided to halt my newsletter/mailing list for the time being because of the new Google and Yahoo rules, but I will be getting myself a domain email and starting up again soon. Look for an email only when I have a book coming out or some other event like a television appearance or podcast interview.

I’ll be writing more about this and encouraging you to sign up in the very near future. Stay tuned.

Happy Weekend!

I hope you have some fun planned for the upcoming weekend. I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment. I comment back.