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VIDEO: Pondering in the Garden

VIDEO: Pondering in the Garden

The flowers of Autumn Joy Sedum start out a delicate green, turn pink, and then deepen in color as the season progresses, ending up a dark maroon just before the snow falls. There is so much to ponder in the garden…life cycles, growth, maturity, interconnectedness…

Good Monday morning, peeps!

I thought it was time for some mindfulness this morning.

I’d grabbed my getting-to-be-habitual peanut butter protein bar and a mug of coffee and headed out to the garden to do some reading. The sun was shining. The birds were swooping to the birdfeeders. It was glorious, but all I could think was…well, you’ll find out. Just watch the video. 

I spent a good deal of time after recording the video writing in my journal about what is important now, what might not be so important, and how to make sure I’m spending my time on the things that bring joy, creativity, and meaning to my existence while I have it.

In other words, none of this matters when we’re dead. 

Pretty heavy for a Monday morning, I know. Sometimes lately I’m feeling as if I’m circling back around to the same conclusions. Is it the wisdom of age? Or lazy thinking?

Enjoy the video and the writing prompt, and if you feel like it, share your own insights in a comment.  

XOXO, Shelley

JOURNAL PROMPT: What are you missing “out there” right now? In a few sentences or paragraphs, describe this in detail…sights, smells, sounds, feelings that are evoked. Then, write about something that continues to bring you joy. Sometimes it’s okay to let yourself mourn the loss of those things we enjoyed but are no longer considered “safe.” Perhaps by mindfully acknowledging the feelings of loss and sadness, we can let go of the pain and instead enjoy what we do have with greater insight and peace.

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  1. I miss live events- theater and music. I always had at least one musical to look forward to in the summer. I’m just grateful that now things are opening a bit. I have a train ride to look forward to and two musical events coming up. I’m also very grateful to live in an area that despite all the influx of ‘outer-staters’ I don’t feel scared to step outside my front door and go to work every day. Glad you are enjoying your garden and simple things here in Maine!

    1. Oh, I miss that so much, too. Sounds as if you’ve found some fun things to do this summer. Here’s hoping that we will get back to normal soon–and into our theater seats!

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