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When Bliss Becomes Bland

When Bliss Becomes Bland

There’s always another project to keep a writer occupied. Here’s my latest Work In Progress. 

How did it get to be mid-November already? Talking to my friends back in Maine, I’m reminded of November weather in New England: rain, clouds, wind, dropping temperatures one day and sunshine, blowing leaves, blue skies the next. Southern California’s relentless sun still fools my Maine-girl season meter. Any day at noon could be May or September or January…at least on my balcony. Roses still bloom in the park. The short, hard grass glows green. I have to remove my sweater in the heat. 

Growing up, I was told Heaven is always perfect. Even back then, that thought chilled rather than enchanted me. How could any place that was exactly the same day after day after day be Paradise? Now I think of that idea of Heaven as a Groundhog Day on steroids. I mean, sure. It beats the alternative, i.e. never-ending torture in Hell, but still. After a while wouldn’t bliss become bland? Without sadness, can we ever appreciate feeling happy? 

It is only in the early mornings or evenings that I know the year is moving on. I relish the chill in the air and wrap a blanket around my shoulders. Do I miss February snow and ice? Scraping frost from my car’s windshield? Bundling up in boots, hat, gloves, bulky jacket every time I leave the house and having to remove it all again when I come back inside? Not really. But I do miss the feeling of the seasons changing, that poignant melancholy of the year drawing to a close. 

The thing is, you can’t have it all. You either endure the dark days or avoid them and sacrifice the beauty and experience of contrast. Which is preferable? I can’t say. For me, right now, it’s a toss-up. 

As we head into the holiday season, I hope you are able to find moments of comfort, joy, and peace. This is the time of hibernation and reflection, of coziness and contemplation. I will find some videos of snow falling and close my window shades, a poor substitute for the real thing, I know, and work on my new knitting project.

More on that in my newsletter where you will learn about a cool way to spread some love and encouragement to women who are emerging from difficult circumstances. If you haven’t already, consider signing up for the mailing list. 

Meanwhile, I’m writing a new romance novel on Wattpad. I started it as a National Novel Writing Month project, and while I’m not going to get to that 50K mark by the end of November, I am continuing to work on it and hope to finish before Christmas. It’s a sweet, Hallmark-type novel about an actress who is always playing a bride but can’t seem to find Mr. Right in real life. It’s called ALWAYS THE BRIDE. To follow along as I write, go to Wattpad and add it to your reading list. 

Write and tell me how you’re doing these days. I so enjoy getting comments from you. 

Cheers, my lovelies!


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  1. So great to ‘hear’ your voice again on this forum, Shelley.

    The thought of heaven being perfect was interesting – I never thought of perfection meaning that things like the weather would be homogeneous and consistent. Perfection to me could be any conditions that would allow me to continue experiencing bliss, yet variety can be incorporated. Sometimes it could be sitting inside at a cosy fire while snow falls, or walking a trail through a shaded glade, or swimming in the surf in a tropical ocean. But then, honestly, I never gave heaven all that much thought when it came to the details!

    Tracy Chapman has a great song called “Heaven’s here on earth” … that’s the way to be. If you don’t know the song, treat yourself!

    “If we have faith in humankind
    And respect for what is earthly
    And an unfaltering belief
    In peace and love and understanding
    This could be heaven here on earth
    Heaven’s in our heart”

  2. As much as I often dread the coming of the cold weather, I don’t think I’d want to trade that for the magical joy and colors of autumn. And I love the falling snow- it reminds me of some pretty winter wonderland walks in Farmington. And even on those cold days there’s always a fire at my house to bundle up next to. Your blog reminded me of a fav quote by Madeline L’Engle: ““Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.”
    May there always be lots of light for you my friend!

    1. Yes! This is exactly it. It’s those weeks in March and April I truly can’t stand, when you feel as if spring should be poking its head up but winter grabs hold and won’t let go. Somewhere just a teensy further south might be preferable to me, like Virginia or even New York. On the other hand, consider Canada! A whole ‘nother country NORTH of Maine, lol. I think of that sometimes. Their south is north of our north. Anyway, I love the desert and western plants and landscape here, but I miss my Maine. Even boots. Yes. Even the darn boots. Thanks for checking in! Hope you are doing well in your new job.

  3. Who knows what heaven is? I suspect it is a fantasy, but there are strange things in existence. Guess there is only one way to find out, and I’m in no great hurry. The description of heaven I was given is straight from the Bible. Streets of gold. Mansions. Choirs of angels singing. Banquet tables. The people who brought me up believed in LITERAL interpretations, lol. Anyway, I like your idea better. I suppose as long as there were tasks to do and things to learn…but eternity sort of makes my mind swirl. Then again, so does the idea of just “ending.” And then thinking about a time before “being.” That’s weird, too. I think death must be like the time before being. You weren’t. Then you were. Then you aren’t again. (Actually kind of like that for a book title.)

  4. So true, about the change of seasons in New England. It’s exciting and energizing. Every year, without fail, I run outside with my camera when the first snowfall arrives. And then the next and the next. By February, I’m done! Tired of the coats, the cold, hauling wood. And scraping windshields… Ugh!!! I pretty much do some version of that for every season. Yin and Yang. Better not to fight it.
    And when it comes to the afterlife, that just gives me a massive headache. I can only take one life at a time. 🙂

    1. Georgette!

      I agree. I love the change of seasons. The only thing is that winter in Maine lasts just about 30% too long. If it ended, say, around the first of March, it would be perfect. And then I think of Canada…a whole country north of our northern border! I miss the first snow. I miss curling up with my book or knitting beside the pellet stove and watching the flakes fall outside the window. Enjoy!

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