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Whiskey & Thyme Cocktail (Video)

Whiskey & Thyme Cocktail (Video)

Hey, peeps! It’s another Friday Happy Hour video. I had a lot of fun mixing this Whiskey & Thyme cocktail featuring nectarines, thyme, rosemary, mint, honey, and lemon juice. It was just the right amount of sweet and tart with nice herbal flavors. 

I really enjoyed this cocktail. It would be nice for a late summer/early fall libation. The recipe comes from Click HERE for the entire recipe. 

Trying to be a little more artistic, I started the video off with a shot of the ingredients and background music from one of my favorite Maine musicians, Carol Noonan. I called up the video on YouTube and listened to it while mixing this luscious drink. Click HERE to hear more of Carol’s awesome bluegrass music. It just seems to go really well with the whiskey. 

Anyway, hope you enjoy the video and your weekend. If you make this drink, let me know what you think. 



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  1. So fun! I love your videos. Keep them coming.

    1. Thank you! I will continue. Not sure about this week, though. Maybe. Since I’m in Maine and quarantined, it may be difficult re: ingredients.

  2. Oooh, that recipes really sounds like it’s worth a try. I love how you’re so unflappable when you do your videos. Well done!

    1. Thanks! It really was a good drink, and I will make it again. I have fun making the videos. Too many “ums” but I will keep working on that.

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