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“This is perfect romantic comedy!” –A reader on DISGUISED

“I am hooked, and I think you have given Rosalie such a colorful personality…this is edge of seat romantic tension y’all!” –A reader on ROSALIE PORTER’S HOT & STEAMY SEX SCANDAL

Nice to Meet You!

I’m Shelley Burbank, a writer of women’s fiction, romance, and romantic mysteries. My stories chronicle the adventures of goal-oriented women who are busy building careers, navigating relationships, and trying to maintain a well-balanced life. Sometimes they make mistakes, but no matter how far they veer off-course, they find their way back again, wiser and stronger for the journey.

Reading is my great pleasure. Authors are my heroes. Journal-writing is my therapy. Libraries are my cathedrals.

And coffee is the reason I get up in the morning.

Woman in kimono at table sipping coffee

"A picture is a poem without words." Horace

Happiness: Books to read, coffee to drink, stories to write.

Shelley Burbank lives in San Diego, California. Her roots are deep in the rocky soil of Maine. She has been published in the confession market and little & literary magazines, writes for fun on, and has ghostwritten a memoir which was published in July 2019 by Myers Education Press. 

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