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Nice to Meet You! 

I’m Shelley Burbank, an eclectic writer of fiction and nonfiction. Whether penning a true-life profile for a newspaper or journal or dreaming up a flash fiction or novel, I want to share stories about creative and talented people who are pursuing their goals: artists, craftspeople, entrepreneurs, designers, thought-leaders, influencers, teachers, scholars, and healers. 

We ALL have within us a talent or beauty or insight or story–something that adds to this world. My job is to discover these stories, polish them up a little, and present them to my readers in hopes they will find inspiration in them.  

Reading is my great pleasure. Authors are my heroes. Journal-writing is my therapy. Libraries are my cathedrals.

And coffee is the reason I get up in the morning.



Happiness: Books to read, coffee to drink, stories to write.

Shelley Burbank lives in San Diego, California. Her roots are deep in the rocky soil of Maine. She has been published in the confession market, was a regular contributing writer for a weekly newspaper, and her short stories have appeared in little & literary magazines. Shelley also ghostwrote a memoir which was traditionally published in July 2019 by Myers Education Press. 

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