She’s Killing Knit

Debbie knit (actually crocheted) FIVE comfort shawls for the Cozy Butterfly Project! Thanks, Sh’awl! Last week, my good friend and sister writing group member, Debbie Broderick, delivered not one but FIVE comfort shawls to Hospice of Southern Maine as part of our Cozy Butterfly Project. I was totally blown away by her generosity and adeptness… Continue reading She’s Killing Knit

Writing Life: Cozy Butterfly Project

[UPDATED March 2022] So, awhile back I had the idea of starting a comfort shawl project that would allow myself and others to encourage women engaged in the hard work of transforming themselves and their lives.  A couple years ago, as an enthusiastic but scattered knitter with basic to intermediate skills, I’d been drawn to… Continue reading Writing Life: Cozy Butterfly Project