Heading Over the Rainbow

Writer’s Brain I don’t know about other writers, but if I spend too much time researching, reading, recharging, or goofing off rather than tapping away at my keyboard doing actual writing, I get as agitated and depressed as a Kansas farm girl watching her balloon-ride home drift away into the heavens.  This is my state… Continue reading Heading Over the Rainbow

The Cozy Comfort of Knitting

When you find yourself distracted and upset by the outside world, sometimes there’s nothing better than picking up a couple of hefty needles and a skein of soft, bright, bulky yarn.  Read on to hear about how a simple knit stitch project like this comfort shawl can lift your spirits in crazy times.    March.… Continue reading The Cozy Comfort of Knitting

Spring Cleaning My Tech

“Out of clutter find simplicity. From discord find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” –Albert Einstein Every so often, the need to simplify, downsize, and clarify, grabs hold of me and I become a whirling dervish of activity: selling tableware, giving away books, tossing files from filing cabinets, bundling up old clothes to… Continue reading Spring Cleaning My Tech

Part IV: In The New Year

Photo Above: While strolling through the Liberty Station Arts District around Christmastime, Hubby & I, along with Dear Daughter and Boyfriend, stepped into La Galleria. I turned to Hubby and said, “If you ever want to buy me a gift, anything in this shop will do.” You can check out some of their offerings on… Continue reading Part IV: In The New Year

Part III: In The New Year

Photo above: This is a walking bridge in Mission Trails Park where my husband and I have been hiking over the past year. We’ve ALMOST completed our goal of covering every single trail in the park. 65 MILES of trails covering 7,000 acres. I have one more of the five peaks to climb, while hubby… Continue reading Part III: In The New Year

Part II: In The New Year

Photo above: My first read of the new year was Good Faith, a 2003 book written by the fabulous Jane Smiley. Written in first person and set in the 1980s just as the inflation and recession ended and America was poised to surge into the deregulated 80s, Good Faith tells the story of a small-town… Continue reading Part II: In The New Year

Part I: In The New Year

Happy New Year, my friends! I’m so delighted you’re here.  IN THE NEW YEAR [Part I of  IV] In the new year, there will be surprises. There will be joys and disappointments. There will be days that drag like riding a flat-tired bicycle and weeks that spring along at Olympic-athlete speeds. Soon Valentine’s Day will… Continue reading Part I: In The New Year

Witchy Woman: Q & A with Nancy Gardner

The cover of Dream Stalker by Nancy Gardner

Nancy Gardner, whose new novel, DREAM STALKER just came out in both ebook and paperback, likes to garnish her mystery stories with a paranormal twist.  DREAM STALKER is the first in a series of three books the New England author has planned. It tells the story of Lily Scott, a modern-day Salem witch who is… Continue reading Witchy Woman: Q & A with Nancy Gardner

3 Cool Ways to Work Around Procrastination

Procrastination. As a writer, I’ve built elaborate scaffolds of procrastination, making work that is really an avoidance of the work of novel-writing.  I’ve built a website. I started a blog. I created a new Facebook account. I began writing female-empowerment flash fictions to post on Facebook.  I made an Instagram account. I took photos of… Continue reading 3 Cool Ways to Work Around Procrastination