Facing Reality: People Won’t Budge From Their Fave Social Media Platform, so I Must Pivot Once Again

This cute, funny, little mug was a gift. I've been enjoying my coffee in the garden with this guy all week.  Part of the writer's life is figuring out how to best create a social media presence and a "platform." I've read many articles and books on the topic, and I have experimented with just about all the major social media platforms out there. I wish I could jettison social media from my creative life entirely, but somehow I haven't been able to find the guts to do so.  It's so tempting. I'm old enough to…

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✍ Writing Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Serenity on a Wednesday with lavender chamomile tea, new age music, and a book on my e-reader. Photo by Shelley Burbank Happy Writing Wednesday, friends!How was your day today? I started out analyzing this website to find out why subscribers weren’t getting blog post notifications. Which led me to my plug-ins. Which led me to my email marketing program. All before coffee. Yes. You read that right. All. Before. Coffee. Here’s the thing. When you are trying to be a professional, published author, writing becomes much more than sentence structure, character development, cool new plotting techniques, and everything…

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